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Do you agree to repeal Article 95 paragraph 1 of The Electricity Act: “The nuclear-energy-based power-generating facilities shall wholly stop running by 2025”?
Assent votes Dissent votes Valid votes Invalid votes
5,895,560 4,014,215 9,909,775 922,960

Total votes Eligible voter Vote rate(%) Valid ballots of assent / Eligible voters (%)
10,832,735 19,757,067 54.83% 29.84%
Arrival of Polls/Total of Polls: 15,887/15,887 
  Result: Adopted
Data generate time Data generate time:11/25 04:13:30 
With regard to the result of voting for a proposal of referendum, if valid ballots of assent are more than ballots of dissent and reach 1/4 of eligible voters, the proposal is adopted. If valid ballots of assent are less than ballots of dissent or do not reach the quantity prescribed in the preceding Paragraph, the proposal is vetoed.
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